Alec Baldwin matched wits with the Soviet and American military in "The Hunt For Red October." Now he's in a showdown with neighbors unhappy about his plans for a new bedroom and chimney.

The actor wants to add a second story to the 135-year-old cottage he bought two years ago in Amagansett, N.Y., an oceanside community about 100 miles east of New York City at the far end of Long Island. The upstairs would contain a master bedroom suite and support a 28-foot stone chimney.He won a zoning variance to do it.

But neighbors Boleslaw and Marie-Louise Mastai are suing to get the variance rescinded.

"The addition would bring him much too near to us," Mrs. Mastai, a writer, said. "He will overlook our swimming pool and every time we step outside our house there will be this looming mass over us like the canyons of Manhattan or Los Angeles."

Baldwin, in a letter to the weekly East Hampton Star, said Mrs. Mastai is really just upset about changes she has seen in the past 35 years.

"She has chosen to take her frustration out on me," Baldwin wrote. "And anyone else who comes in the path of her reckless, righteous, eco-indignation."