A Clearfield couple has agreed to temporarily stop picketing a Riverdale car dealership after being slapped with a $10,000 libel suit.

Rick Warner Mitsubishi filed the suit Friday against Douglas and Loretta Frecker after they and friends stood on Riverdale Road for seven days holding signs reading: "Buyer beware" and "Roses are red, violets are blue, I got screwed, don't let it happen to you."Loretta Frecker said the dispute began with her trying to get her car fixed.

Since buying a new Hyundai Excel from Warner in June 1988, Loretta Frecker said she has had dozens of service visits and problems. Last month, Warner sold its Hyundai franchise to another Weber County dealer.

"My clients do not owe her anything," said David Wright, who represents Warner's dealership in the lawsuit filed in Davis County's 2nd District Court.

Wright said Warner went out of its way to satisfy the Freckers but have found nothing wrong with the car that hasn't been fixed.

Loretta Frecker said the couple decided to start picketing after exhausting other options..

Parties to the lawsuit agreed Wednesday that the Freckers will stop picketing at least temporarily. They will meet later this week to discuss how to settle the matter without taking it to court, attorneys said.

The Freckers' main gripes are that their car's trunk leaks and its timing won't stay set, causing the engine to run rough.

Warner had Loretta Frecker's car in the shop and provided her with a loaner for three months this fall, but she says the car still isn't fixed.