To the editor:

Thanks to the Orem Golden K Kiwanis Club, Christmas the last couple of years has been unusually exciting for me. The members of this service organization contact some of the Orem elementary school principals and offer to help children who are in need of coats, shoes and clothing.After some of the greatest needs have been determined, club members, a teacher or two and I have gone to the stories and "shopped 'til we dropped" (and the store clerks fell with us), choosing clothes for the children.

The clothing is discreetly distributed to the children, and I am fortunate to witness what I call the "Miracle of Clothing." I see children who, because their shoes were not adequate, could not participate in our fun physical education programs, become eager athletes. I watch others who, in warm rooms, wear coats all day at school because they are so proud of them.

I witness more students, who received pants and shirts, shed their old coats to reveal nice, clean and, most importantly for them, "stylish" outfits that allow them to feel accepted by others. And I hear a child's joy when he receives a coat and says, "This is my dream." For the last two years, I've watched this child treasure and care for his coat.

I wish I had been the teacher who heard one boy say to the other after they received their new coats, "Don't we look great!" Truly, I have observed miracles as I've witnessed children's delight when they sport their new clothing.

Katherine Stott

Geneva and Suncrest elementary schools