Work on a new high school in Layton is 38 days behind schedule thanks to extremely cold weather.

Much of the school's construction is still in the excavation and masonry phases, which are adversely affected by Cold Man Winter."We wonder sometimes if we're a stone quarry or an excavation," said project manager Brent Hilton. "The frost level is 21/2 feet deep. Chunks of earth are coming out like chunks of sandstone."

Hilton said that by the time winter is over, construction may be as much as two months behind schedule.

But Hilton and contractor Mike Hogan said they believe much of the lost time can be madeup in the summer by "stacking up" various jobs.

"We'll put more men on the proj-ect and more trades and we'll make up the lost time," said Hogan. "We have no intention of not finishing the school on time."

The new $28 million school, being built on a 49-acre site at 2200 N. Hill Field Road, will relieve overcrowding at Layton and Clearfield high schools by accommodating 2,200 students.

It is scheduled to open in August 1992.

As workers continue to pour the foundations and build walls, the Davis School Board has already begun the process of realigning the high school boundaries in the north end of the county.

Darrell K. White - an adjunct professor for Utah State University and the University of Utah - has been appointed as a consultant to work with a citizens advisory committee composed of patrons from Clearfield, Layton and Davis high schools.

Board President Lynn Summerhays said the board also hopes to approve the school's colors by the end of February so that workers can incorporate the appropriate coloring schemes in the new school.

"There's nothing worse than building a blue auditorium and then finding out the school's colors are red and white," said architect Steve Crane.

The name of the school and its mascot will not likely be determined until after the boundaries are finalized in June, officials said.

Financing for the new school is coming from a $40 million bond county voters approved in a special election in May 1990.