The goal of a pilot program for Provo High School is to assure that graduates are ready for the work force.

Provo High School will be the magnet school for vocational training in the Provo School District. The district is in a nine-district consortium with other school districts in Utah to try out the program.Money from the project will come from federal and state sources, said Kay Laursen, superintendent of Provo School District. The plan is to revive and revamp occupational education in the schools and restructure programs to give students certifiable skills.

One goal is to "eliminate the negative flavor associated with `vocational,' " Laursen said, and "get kids ready for the job market."

Even college-bound students can benefit from the program by learning skills that could help students work themselves through college, he said. It can also provide a skill for a person to "fall back on."

Laursen presented the proposal to the Provo Board of Education Tuesday night. The school board approved the plan.