The trouble with year-round schools is that most of the rest of the world still thinks that vacations only happen in the summer. So, while there might be summer camps for kids, and summer programs for kids, and summer sports for kids - there hasn't been much of anything for year-round students who have vacations in January.

Eileen Smith knows what it's like to have a year-round student on vacation in January, or March or September. "You'll be going along and think you have everything under control," Smith explains. In other words, you'll go off to work in the morning and leave what you think is a day's full of activities at home with your child."And then somewhere around noon they'll call and say `I'm bored.' You're trying to entertain them from work."

But this winter Smith doesn't have to worry. Her 12-year-old daughter, Glendora, is enrolled in three classes at Salt Lake Community College's Kids on Campus program.

Glendora will take "Journey Through the Universe with the Hansen Planetarium," "The Zoo and You," and "Jr. Medic." Students in grades 4 through 6 can also take "Kidcraft" and "Adventures in Acrylics."

This is the first year Salt Lake Community College has offered classes for year-round students.

"They get a taste of different careers," says Smith about the Kids on Campus programs. All four of her children have participated in the Kids on Campus summer programs in the past.

"Last summer Glendora did the space program. Now she knows she doesn't want to be an astronaut, but she's still interested in space."

Classes for year-round students are available from Jan. 22 through Feb. 8; February 11 through March 1; March 4 through March 22; and March 25 through April 12.

The college also offers five Saturday classes for seventh, eighth and ninth graders: "Animation Workshop," "CAD for Kids," "Super Science Lab/Physics," "Wire and Paper Sculpture," and "Carpentry for Kids."

For more information, call Salt Lake Community College, 967-4214.