To the editor:

We at the Salt Lake Community Action Program would like to thank all of our exceptional individuals and families who called to sponsor more than 50 families. Without these sponsors, our families would have had absolutely no Christmas.We will not give names, but thank you to the generous lady and her husband with the large check; the lady and her two sons; the ladies and gentlemen who mailed or walked in with money to sponsor a family; the man and his child who called from their car phone and asked for a family to sponsor; the two ladies who adopted a family, including gifts for mom; not to mention the numerous companies that adopted two or three families, and thanks to those tree lots that donated Christmas trees.

Our letter could go on and on about the people we were able to speak to and meet. We have a great admiration for those who have that can give so willingly to those who have not. This was truly a very merry Christmas, made so by all you wonderful people of Utah.

Fran Haycock

Salt Lake Community Action Program