Jordan School District will study the question of providing breakfast for elementary school children.

At a board meeting Tuesday, Assistant Superintendent Tom Owens asked the board to authorize a study of the logistics and costs of providing school breakfast, at least for a pilot project.Several other districts are offering school breakfasts, he said.

"More and more we've been thinking it is a good idea." Almost certainly, if breakfasts are provided to elementary school children, the district's secondary schools will also want to provide a morning meal, he said.

Jordan's challenge would revolve around transportation. While Salt Lake District has many schools where all the students are within walking distance, the majority of Jordan children are bused.

Bus schedules are necessarily tight to accommodate elementary, middle and high school runs, Owens said. Some children arrive at school just minutes before classes begin.

He said the costs would probably be minimal, and the district could receive federal funds to help underwrite the costs. The charges to students haven't been throughly studied, but he estimated 75 cents to a dollar per breakfast. The same waiver guidelines would apply as in the lunch program, so students whose families fell within low income guidelines would be eligible for free breakfast.

Owens said he expected that pres-ent lunch staff members could easily fix a small breakfast without the need for additional workers. Foods would be simple, consisting mainly of fruit and a grain product. Surveys have shown that many children come to school without eating breakfast and that their performance is negatively affected.

The board will consider a staff report at an upcoming meeting.