Rocker Sinead O'Connor, the Donald's ex, Ivana, and actress Glenn Close all topped Mr. Blackwell's list Wednesday of the 10 worst-dressed women of 1990.

The fashion curmudgeon, complaining that "narrowing the culprits down to a manageable 10 was almost as difficult as deciphering the plot of `Twin Peaks,' " said of O'Connor, "nothing compares to the bald-headed Banshee of MTV! A New Age nightmare!"He compared Trump to a "psychedelic scrarecrow," saying she looks "like a cross between Brigitte Bardot and Lassie."

The caustic critic called Close "the founding frump of `Nuns Unlimited.' A bad fashion `habit.' "

No. 4 on his list was Queen Elizabeth II. "God save the mothballs: The Stonehenge of style strikes again," Blackwell said.

Julia Roberts, the star of last year's "Pretty Woman," came in fifth for wearing a "zoot suit fluke" that gave her the appearance of a character from "Godfather III in drag."

Blackwell also picked Carrie Fisher, who penned the semi-autobiographical screenplay of 1990's "Postcards from the Edge," comparing her wardrobe to "discards from the dredge."

Kim Bassinger came in seventh. "Barbie goes punk . . . all crass . . . no class," he said of the actress.

In eighth and ninth place were actresses Laura Dern - "a vision of lust in rags fit for a truck-stop"; and Kathy Bates - "Get the sledgehammer . . . put this fashion fiasco out of her `Misery.' "

Barbra Streisand came in last.