Games and scholarships were swallowed up in the NCAA's latest round of reforms, student-athletes emerged with more time to just be students, and college presidents removed all doubt as to who's boss.

A brief glance at legislative action during Wednesday's session at the NCAA Convention.Approved

- Stricter requirements for Division I membership, requiring that schools offer seven sports for both men and women instead of the current six, with a combined outlay of at least $500,000. Schools can also meet the requirement with a minimum of the equivalent of 25 full scholarships in men's sports and 25 in women's sports, exclusive of football and basketball. Schools that don't sponsor men's or women's basketball would need to sponsor a minimum of 35 grants in both men's and women's sports.

- A 10 percent across-the-board cut in scholarships for both men's and women's sports. Division I football scholarships would be reduced from 95 to 85 and men's and women's basketball scholarships would be reduced from 15 to 13.

- A formula for reducing the amount of time athletes devote to sports, and shortening of playing seasons. Generally speaking, athletes can devote no more than 20 hours a week to a sport in season, with one day off guaranteed. During the offseason, an athlete is guaranteed three days off a week with no more than eight hours a week devoted to the sport.

- Reduction of the number of evaluations and personal contacts of recruits by coaches. Coaches currently are allowed to contact an athlete off campus 14 times a year in football and six times in other sports, and to visit a high school as often as they like for purposes of evaluation during specified times of the year. The number of personal contacts was cut to three per year and evaluations to four a year, with only one during the May football evaluation period and no more than one a week at any time. The proposal also broadened the definition of "evaluation" to include visiting a school to watch practice or games, even if no contact with the recruit occurs.