The state Community Impact Board has approved a $300,000 loan to Green River to finish the John Wesley Powell River History Museum.

A bid by Fairview to expand a museum to display a replica of a prehistoric mammoth discovered in Huntington Canyon in 1988 probably will have to be restructured. Fairview was seeking a $500,000 grant and $300,000 no-interest loan.Board members balked at providing such a large grant for a proj-ect like a museum. They prefer to restrict grants to projects that enhance public health and welfare, such as water and sewer-system improvements, and to offer loans for economic development-oriented proposals.

Green River Mayor Rey Lloyd Hatt said the museum loan will be used to install an environmentally controlled storage system and make other improvements that will enable museum officials to charge an entrance fee.

Improvements include an 8- to 10-foot statue of Powell and busts of his crew members, construction of a boat similar to Powell's "Emma Dean," restoration of a water wheel and a geyser along the Green River and development of a multimedia show and other exhibits.

The Fairview proposal is based on the planned acquisition of a replica of a mammoth skeleton that was discovered during reconstruction of a dam.

Fairview would like to remodel a former junior high school to house the mammoth replicas and exhibits of other fossils believed to abound in the region.