The attempted-murder trial of a Provo man has been delayed once again while the man undergoes testing to determine his competency.

Faitau Owen Tipa, 36, is charged with shooting his wife on July 15, 1988. His trial was set to begin Monday in 4th District Court in front of Judge Cullen Y. Christensen, but Tipa's attorney asked that the trial be delayed while Tipa receives further testing.Tipa was declared incompetent to proceed in 1988 and spent about two years at the Utah State Hospital receiving treatment. He was recently declared competent and a trial date was set for late November. That trial was delayed because Tipa's attorney, Donald Elkins, became ill and could not come to court.

Tipa also asked that Christensen hear his case, but later changed his mind and asked that a jury hear his case. Another competency hearing for Tipa likely will be set in the future.