The registration lines at Utah Valley Community College stretched long on Tuesday, the first day of classes at UVCC, for the largest winter enrollment yet.

At 4:30 Tuesday afternoon, 7,734 students had registered. Esther Webster, registrar and director of admissions, said it is a record for this time of year.The school changed to a semester calendar from a quarter system this academic year. UVCC is beginning this, its first spring semester, under the new system. Before the switch, this registration period was for the winter quarter.

"We never turn anyone away," Webster said a few minutes after registration closed at 5 p.m. The cashier's office remained open while students were still in line.

Enrollment is expected to go up throughout the week. Spokesman Val Peterson said last week enrollment was low and "we were worried." But, since then, about 500 students a day have registered.

State money appropriated according to enrollment is determined not by the number of people registered for classes but by the "full-time equivalent." That number is derived by dividing the total number of credit hours registered by 15 (the number of hours considered for the full-time equivalent).

The full-time equivalent Tuesday afternoon was 5,263. Webster said she expects about 100 more people to register by telephone Tuesday before 7 p.m., when the registration closes for the day.

"It was very hectic," said Maretta Brown, secretary and receptionist for the UVCC business office. "Our cashiers are fabulous. They're very courteous to the students.

Sophomore Annela Pehrson said the lines moved along well. She got in line at about 4:45 p.m. to get her student loan and Pell Grant and was done before 5 p.m.

UVCC freshman Jeff Wells was hoping for a fast-moving line. He stood in the cashier's line with a bundle in his arms. Wrapped in a blanket was Lacy, his almost-2-year-old daughter, soundly sleeping. Wells said Lacy was with a baby sitter while he was in class but he brought her back to UVCC with him to finish the back-to-school errands.

Enrollment for fall semester after the third week of school was 7,886 students. That was up from 7,758 in 1989, but 1989 had a higher full-time equivalent, 5,372 compared to 5,088 in 1990.

Enrollment is projected to increase until 1994, according to the UVCC Office of Institutional Research and Strategic Planning.



Enrollment rise:

Fall head-count projections:

1989 (actual) 7,758

1990 (actual) 7,886

1991 9,093

1992 9,312

1993 9,360

1994 9,854

1995 9,780