The new legislative year is beginning and the Orem City Council wants to make sure that Orem's legislators get a few things on the agenda.

The council met with legislators Tuesday night and asked them to look into the licensing of contractors and subcontractors.Daryl Berlin, Orem city manager, said contractors go through a licensing process only once while the various building codes that affect their work are constantly changing.

"They need to be brought up to date," he said.

The conflict arises when the building inspectors, which are updated on the changes, do not approve buildings and the contractors have not heard of the provisions under which the buildings were not approved.

"The city has taken tremendous heat from contractors over this issue," Berlin said.

Another agenda item that Orem would like to see discussed is the protection of the city's water rights.

"We need to be careful with what we have," Berlin said. The city wants assurance that the rights they have now will not be eroded away.

Mayor S. Blaine Willes said the city has purchased water rights for a city of 120,000.

"If this water is taken away in the interim period just because we are not using it now, how can we ever plan for the future?" Willes asked the legislators.

Also high on the agenda is certification and training for municipal landfill employees.

"In this world, even if you unknowingly do something environmentally wrong, you are still guilty," Berlin said. "You have to be prepared for anything."

The city believes the landfill employees need to know what responsibilities they have toward the environment.

The City Council also asked the legislators to look into how a reorganization of Utah's judicial system could affect Orem.

LeRay McAllister, a Republican senator from Orem, said he did not believe this issue would be on the agenda in this session.

The legislators were also asked to look at redefining storm water drainage systems as any other utility and at recodifying certain planning and zoning regulations to clear up misconceptions over any land used by both the county and the city.