Stephen D. Clark was unanimously elected Provo City Council chairman Tuesday night.

He also cast the deciding vote in the election for vice chairman. No one is allowed to be chairman two years in a row.All seven members of the Provo City Council were present for the election.

Outgoing Chairman Gordon Bullock said, "I've enjoyed serving last year. He (Clark) is very capable and knowledgeable."

The first nomination for vice chairman came from V. Ben Porter who nominated Stan Brown. Ronald Last nominated Mark Hathaway. Each council member cast a vote verbally, beginning with Porter who voted for Brown.

Last, Hathaway and Bullock then voted for Hathaway. Smith voted for Brown. Clark said, realizing his vote would decide the election if Brown voted for himself, that he wanted to explain his vote. He cast his vote for Hathaway because "I think we need to start training him."

Brown, who was chairman in 1989, voted for himself.

As his first matter of business as the new chairman, Clark said he would like to review the council meeting schedule for 1991. The City Council has generally met every Tuesday night. Clark is exploring the idea of reducing the number of City Council meetings.