Age: 43

Where born: Phoenix, Ariz.

Family: Husband, Mark; six children; two grandchildren.

Education: Completed schooling in California, travel school in Utah.

Primary products: Travel management company, specializing in business travel.

Primary market: Worldwide. Number of employees: 30. Annual sales: 12 million.


First "real" job: At a jewelry store in the accounting department.

Management style: Loose, I like to give assignments and let my employees use their creativity to complete the task.

Strategy for success: Have a goal; define that goal or objective; list steps to achieve the goal; work hard; be positive, using failures as learning tools to improve.

A memorable failure: Being fired from my first real job. Heroes: My mother and Barbara Bush.

Leisure time and hobbies: Reading, traveling, racquetball and water skiing.

Favorite book and movie: Johnathan Livingston Seagull and Pretty Woman.