The U.S. Department of Labor has named Barbara Timper, project manager in Utah for Dynamic Science Inc., as the national recipient of the Superior Female Outreach Performance Achievement Award for an outreach or screening agency.

Dynamic Science, Inc., recruits young people for Job Corps programs. The purpose of the Jobs Corps is to help young men and women focus their lives through training and educational opportunities."I'm humbled and honored to accept this award on behalf of Dynamic Science Inc," Timper said. "Our goal in Utah has been to reach out to young people in Job Corps who have had minor scrapes with the law or dropped out of school. We feel that with a sense of direction in their lives and self confidence in their ability, the majority of these young people can become a viable part of society."

Last year, 316 young adults were recruited in Utah and have stayed in the program for more than six months. Timper has placed particular interest on recruiting young women to Job Corps programs.

"There were a lot of young women in Utah who weren't aware of the skills they could learn through Job Corps. We developed strategies to build awareness of the Job Corps program in Utah. Now we are reaping the benefits," Timper said.

She has previously received awards for "Best Overall Outreach/-Screening and Placement Contractor" and "Best Female Outreach Performance."