The Utah Symphony, Ballet West and the Utah Opera Company are in financial trouble and need state and private support, according to the chairwoman of the Utah Symphony board of directors.

Deedee Corradini urged the board of governors of the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce Wednesday to support Gov. Norm Bangerter's commitment of $560,000 in his latest budget for the three arts groups.In response to Corradini's plea, the board unanimously approved a resolution supporting the $560,000 request but also asking the Legislature to appropriate $800,000 to completely fund the educational programs provided by the groups.

The resolution noted that during 1989-90 the three groups provided 259 performances attended by 193,170 students. These programs historically received 100 percent of the money needed, but in recent years the funding has dropped to between 34 and 50 percent.

Total cost of these educational programs this year is $1.4 million, and $628,000 had traditionally been provided by the Legislature.

Corradini said the three organizations are trying to cut costs and at the same time be more professional and retain the quality of the programs. She considers the three arts organizations the best between Chicago and the West Coast and noted that recently full-time positions in the Utah Symphony were eliminated and the musicians agreed to take a pay cut.