Snow and freezing rain sent cars skidding Wednesday in the East as a large storm raked the Middle Atlantic states, eroding the Delaware shoreline and causing coastal flooding, while fog cut visibility across the country.

Clouds covered the Southwest with a possibility of much needed rain on the horizon, while rain soaked the Pacific Northwest and patchy fog blanketed the region.A winter storm that dumped freezing rain and snow on the Middle Atlantic states Tuesday moved north and froze roads around the New York metropolitan area and in New England, making commuting a nightmare.

Snow began falling on New York at midnight and warmer air on the surface triggered sleet and freezing rain in southern New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and all the snow was changing over to freezing rain at daybreak.

Freezing rain and drizzle, with accompanying traffic problems, were common in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and portions of Virginia. Flood warnings were posted for northern Delaware.

The bad weather sent most people indoors, but hundreds of Princeton University sophomores shed jeans and jackets at midnight for a traditional event dubbed the "Nude Olympics" to celebrate New Jersey's first snowfall of the year.

As about 1,500 spectators cheered them on, the students, most clad only in boots and hats, lit a torch before doing situps and pushups in the campus's Holder courtyard, then running up and down Nassau Street in 30-degree temperatures.

"Why not? It's tradition and it's fun," said sophomore Damon Watson, 19, from Los Angeles.

Of the nearly 300 participants, about 50 were women - a relatively new phenomenon in the event.

"There were no frozen appendages," said Princeton Borough Police dispatcher Gordan Byard, adding no injuries or arrests were reported from the 30-minute event, held under steady snowfall mixed with freezing rain.

Fog was the main weather problem in much of the rest of the nation, with the "soup" reported from Texas to Idaho to Illinois, cutting visibility to less than a quarter mile in southeast Kentucky and the Texas Panhandle.

The bad visibility combined with frozen bridges caused by a night of rain and sleet in the Midwest.