Are you missing an antique English jewelry box?

Thought you misplaced your official U.S. Forest Service cattle ear tags, or those boudoir photographs of your girlfriend?Was your box of expensive "executive paper clips" stolen from your car but you just never bothered reporting it?

If these or other treasures are missing, you might find them on the third floor of the Metropolitan Hall of Justice.

The Salt Lake County sheriff's office is trying to return hundreds of pieces of property believed stolen by one man during several hundred house and vehicle burglaries this year in four counties.

Cameras, suitcases, briefcases, calculators, clothing, music tapes, coins, jewelry and watches are among items that were found in the residence and storage shed of Dean James Christensen, 35, Bountiful, who was arrested June 27 during a burglary investigation in the area of 7400 S. Crestview Court.

Christensen has since been charged with two counts of aggravated burglary in Salt Lake County and is being investigated in connection with burglaries in Weber, Davis and Summit counties.

Burglary detective Stephen Grogan said more than 1,800 items were recovered. About 60 percent have been returned to their owners.

People who believe their property may be among the remaining items can go to the sheriff's office in the Metropolitan Hall of Justice, 450 S. Third East, Thursday and Friday, between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Claimants must bring some type of police report or file a pre-information report before being allowed to inspect the property, said Sgt. Glen Bailess. Car stereos were not among items recovered, the sergeant said.

Any property left unclaimed within 90 days of when it was recovered will be sold as soon as possible in a sheriff's public auction.