Donnan, Iowa's smallest town, is being wiped off the map.

Tired of passing around City Council jobs and tending to municipal paperwork, the seven residents of Donnan in northeast Iowa voted 6-1 this week to disincorporate. Only Elwood Gage voted to keep running the town."I guess he's the rebel," said his wife, Margaret, who voted with the majority in absentee balloting. "There's no big marital dispute over it."

Fayette County will now take over maintenance for Donnan's streets, and the state will handle the town's final bills.

Donnan's fortunes have dwindled since the 1940s, when traffic declined on the two railroad tracks that intersected there. The post office held out until 1982, and the town's major public project is a single street lamp that costs about $17 a month.

Mayor Matt Porter said there's more than enough money in the till to pay for the final light bills.

"We'll keep our memories," Mrs. Gage said. "We still use `Donnan, Iowa,' as our address, with the Fayette ZIP code. I don't know how long they'll let us do that."