The Richfield City Council is studying a request from the New Horizons Crisis Center to establish a housing authority, which would help abused women and their children re-establish stable home environments.

The center's director, Dr. Marie Godfrey, said limited housing for victims of domestic violence is a frequent concern and that the most effective means of coordinating housing in a community is through a housing authority. Such a program must be sponsored by a government entity.The city would not be responsible for the housing authority operation and would not face any liability. Appointment of a board of directors with five members would be required, however.

Godfrey said administration costs would be picked up by the Utah Department of Community and Economic Development. Some $300,000 is available each year from the state to renovate housing facilities owned by landlords who qualify, she added.

Housing cost subsidies would be provided for qualified people of low income whether or not they are clients of the Horizons Center, according to Marge Fuellenbach, a member of the center's board of directors.

In urging the City Council to sponsor the housing authority, Godfrey said the center is using money to obtain and pay for housing that could be used for other projects if a housing authority is established.

New Horizons volunteers are collecting information about the availability of housing in the area and who would qualify for the program. New Horizons officials believe the information will support the need for a housing authority. To establish that need, it must be shown that insufficient housing exists for low-income people or that existing housing is not sanitary or safe for current tenants.

The City Council has also forwarded an amendment to the master plan to the Utah Department of Transportation regarding designations and distances between streets that lead to the north I-70 access road.

The state has required a distance of 700 feet between such streets, but the city is appealing for an authorized distance reduction of 500 feet. That's because the streets already exist, according to Roy Edmunds of the city's planning and zoning commission. "They were already in place before the access road was built," he said.

A proposal to adopt an ordinance that would regulate the size of signs along the access road and within the city limits has also been forwarded to UDOT.

Mayor Jay C. Andersen announced the appointment of promotional committees for the golf course and swimming pool. Named to the golf committee are Wayne Saltzgiver, Barbara Rowley, Penny Steadman, Max Franson and Reed Christensen. Swimming pool committee members are Louise Christensen, Janet Edwards, Maureen Gramse, Billie Conder and George Cox.