A possible broken pipe in an abandoned building at 341 S. Main rained sheets of water down two elevator shafts Monday night, pulled down ceiling tiles in a nearby building and pumped a broad stream of water out onto the street.

A passer-by saw the water spilling into the street and called the Salt Lake City Fire Department at 10:18 p.m.After attempts to find the building's owner failed, firefighters broke into the soggy building about 10:45 p.m.

"The leak appears to be fairly fresh, but we won't know until we check the entire building," said Salt Lake Fire Lt. Dan Andrus. The city water department turned off the building's water about 15 minutes after the leak was reported.

Although the building was vacant, the lobby sported plush carpet that left a print wherever the officers walked on it and a chandelier that dripped water from most of its hanging crystal.

"It sure would help if people would leave a sign in the window of closed buildings telling people how the owner could be reached," Andrus said.