I recently wrote to the Academic Council on Financial Assistance (ACFA) in Washington, D.C., in response to its letter informing me of available scholarships. I filled out the application and sent in the $60 fee. ACFA sent me a list of 13 scholarship sources and I dutifully wrote to 11 of them. Two of them did not apply to me.

Five did not respond. Three responded but they did not apply to me. Three others to whom I wrote did not apply to my situation.ACFA guarantees a refund of $60 if the applicant does not get at least one scholarship for $300 or more. According to the terms of the guarantee, if all the sources rejected me, I needed to send ACFA a copy of the rejections within three months of processing. I would receive a refund within seven days.

I wrote ACFA, asking for a refund of my $60. It replied by saying that it could not process my refund because I hadn't sent it copies of the rejections.

The company said I had submitted seven rejections out of the 13 sources of scholarships it sent to me. It extended the three-month deadline to five months and lowered the number of rejection notices to from 13 to 10. It also said I should send it an explanation of why a source was not applicable to me and it would consider those as possible rejections.

The new deadline for sending these was Oct. 29. My letter explaining why six of these scholarship sources were not applicable to me was written Nov. 1. I received a letter from ACFA dated Nov. 21, telling me I was ineligible for the refund.

Would you please take up my cause and see what ACFA is up to? - L.A., Orem.

The company relocated to San Diego, Calif., and is under investigation by the Postal Inspector's office there. If you want to file a complaint, write to the Postal Inspector, P.O. Box 2110, San Diego, CA 92119-2110, and ask for a fraud complaint package. When you receive it, fill it out and send it back to the Postal Inspector.

Refund has come

I ordered some shoes from Hill Brothers in Lynchburg, Va., last March. On June 5, after two notices saying my shoes were back-ordered, I finally asked for a refund. I called the company, gave it my order number and customer number, and was told my refund would be coming in 30 to 60 days. I called again on Oct. 5. I still haven't received my refund.

I have received another catalog from the company. The reason some of us order by mail is the selection of sensible styles in shoes and clothing. It's easier than running to Provo or Salt Lake. - D.N., American Fork.

Hill Brothers has sent you a refund for $155.23.