Diet is to January like calories are to December.

And what's more, the number of times you've been on a diet is at least equal to your age.When you think you have tried every possible program for weight management, another option appears on the market. Consider the "Champion Lady Wrestler's Diet" or the "Scottish Wastelands Discovery" programs, a dietary approach that ties individuals to a person, place or image they identify.

The catchy labels describe the "Lean Lifestyle" weight-control programs offered by the Granite School District Community Education program for 14 years. The nine-week program includes information on diet, exercise and behavior modification. An advanced course is also available.

Courses begin immediately and cost $39-$45, with up to $20 refunded for weight loss, class attendance and record keeping. An additional $5 discount is available to family members concurrently enrolled.

Evening classes will be taught at Hunter, Taylorsville, Cottonwood, Granger or Kearns high schools and Evergreen Junior High. Contact Sidnee Spencer, family studies director, Granite School District, 273-2138, for further information.