Juab County Commissioners selected Republican Commissioner, Richard Brough, as commission chairman Monday.

Republican Ike Lunt, newly elected as commissioner, made the motion to replace Democrat Joseph Bernini, who has been commission chairman, with Brough."I don't have anything against you," Lunt told Bernini. However, he said, he felt it would be better to have Brough in the position.

Brough at first refused to second his own nomination, saying he thought it was a conflict of interest. Nevertheless he did so, after Bernini said he would not second the nomination.

Bernini said he hopes Brough, who is a teacher at Spanish Fork High School and has not been able to arrange his schedule to miss many school days in the past, will be able to attend the Six-County Executive Committee meetings held during the day once a month. "I think you will find out it will conflict with your school job."

If it does, said Brough, he would resign the chairmanship, however, he expected to be able to attend the necessary meetings.

Before the November elections, the commission had two Democrats and one Republican. Bernini was re-elected to the commission and Jim Garrett, a Democrat, decided not to run. Lunt defeated Democratic candidate Vard White.

The assignment of duties had to be rearranged a second time after the appointment was made, because commissioners had voted on duties earlier.

Brough refused to oversee law enforcement, saying he would resign rather than accept that appointment. Brough has been critical of the department and has expressed disappointment that Juab County Sheriff Dave Carter refused to fire a deputy, Glen Wilde, when Brough called on him to do so.

Bernini will head the departments of aging, criminal justice, West Juab Ambulance, Central Valley Hospital board, Special Service District No. 2 (in lieu of taxes and mineral lease fund), law enforcement, west Juab buildings and grounds, the Utah Association of Counties Board of Directors, and Juab County Rural Development Committee.

Lunt will be over the county road department, the weed board, the library board, the county fair board (including the fairgrounds), planning and zoning committee, Panoramaland, and the Executive Enterprise Zone. Bernini formerly headed the road department, weed board and library board.

Brough will be on the Six-County Executive Committee, a position held by the commission chairman, and will be over civil defense, East Juab Ambulance, the health board, mental health, alcohol and drugs, juvenile justice, east Juab buildings and grounds, economic development, and Special Services District No. 1 (the county multipurpose complex).