Utah's delegates had an interesting day in New Orleans Wednesday, impersonating Sen. Orrin Hatch, having a tooth repaired for free and talking about education.

- Delegate Jack Roberts signed up more than 40 people who are interested in visiting Utah. He found it easy because people mistook him for Hatch.During some of the more boring speeches at the National Republican Convention, Roberts walked up to groups of delegates and passed around the cards. The tall, thin Roberts doesn't look a lot like Hatch, but he was wearing an Orrin Hatch re-election button and many mistook him for Utah's junior senator.

"They said, `Sure, we'll glad to help you, Sen. Hatch.' I didn't correct them," Roberts smiled.

Republicans are collecting cards from delegates for tourist information in response to the Democrats gathering 700 travel cards during their convention in Atlanta last month.

- Delegate Jim Campbell had a more troublesome day.

New Orleans is known for its good food and friendly people. Campbell got a taste of both. He broke a tooth on some delicious dish and went to a local dentist to repair the damage. After telling the doctor he was from Utah, the dentist refused to charge him for the work, saying he was planning to visit Utah later this year and maybe he'd look Campbell up and let him return the favor.

- Former Education Secretary T.H. Bell spoke to a group of educa-tors who support Vice President George Bush. Current Education Secretary William Bennett and former Labor Secretary William Brock also addressed the group.

"We spoke on Bush's education platform. I'm very excited about it. Bush has the best positions on education of any presidential candidate in my memory," Bell said.

"More than 30 percent of all our students don't make it past the ninth grade. Yet, 85 percent of the jobs of the future will require training beyond high school," Bell said. "The future belongs to the intelligent. How are we going to educate our children to make sure they are ready to be the leaders of this world? George Bush has such a plan."

- Gov. Norm Bangerter had to leave the convention Thursday morning to fly home, just to leave again on an economic development trip with Sen. Jake Garn and industrialist Jon Huntsman - whom Bangerter has named Utah's ambassador of economic development.