Alta View Hospital-

CUTLER, Todd and Suzie, Draper, boy.

FENN, Greg and Sherry, Salt Lake City, girl.

JASTRAM, James and Stacy, West Jordan, boy.

JENSEN, Dale and Heidi, Kearns, girl.

OBORN, Brent and Debra, Tooele, girl.

TULIN, Kelly, Sandy, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

CALL, Michael and Colynne, Salt Lake City, twin girls.

LUGENBEEL, John and Anne, West Jordan, boy.

PACK, Gary and Susan, Salt Lake City, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

TUFT, Stephen W. and Karen K., girl.

Lakeview Hospital-

BALL, Cosett, Bountiful, boy.

LDS Hospital-

ADAMS, Bruce K. and Lynnette, boy.

BECK, Gary and Julene, girl.

BENNION, Sterling and Laurie, boy.

BLAND, Lori and JUDD, Ralph L., girl.

BROOMHEAD, Randall and Sheryl, girl.

BUZIS, Ted and Margarita, girl.

CALLAHAN, Kenneth and Stasi, boy.

CASTILLA, Francisco E. and Karen, girl.

CONDIE, Christopher J. and Anne, girl.

FLICK, Bonie Jo and FOSTER, William A., boy.

FUGAL, Neil and Florence Genell, girl.

HALLIDAY, Brad J. and Tracie, girl.

HAND, Stephen and Caralee, boy.

HANKS, David J. and Korby, girl.

MILLER, Wade and Jeanne, girl.

OLSEN, Douglas and Kaara, boy.

PAYNE, Jeffrey L. and Linda, girl.

QUARNBERG, Rueben D. and Robyn, Girl.

SHOSTED, Todd H. and Georgette, boy.

STEPHENSEN, David N. and Susan, girl.

TEW, Ryan B. and Diana, girl.

WANGSGAARD, Jennifer and MALONE, Kenny, girl.

WHITTAKER, Todd H. and Jana, girl.

WILKES, David and Becky, girl.

WILLIAMS, Tracy and Wendy, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

ANDREWS, Ronald and Cheryl, Sandy, boy.

CROSSLEY, Tary and Linda, West Jordan, girl.

DIXON, Gordon and Brenda, Salt Lake City, girl.

HARTMAN, Bart and Cheri, Salt Lake City, girl.

JONES, Gregory and Wendy, Salt Lake City, girl.

LANKFORD, Paul and Kristi, Sandy, girl.

SCHNEITER, Wayne and LeAnn, Tremonton, boy.

TEW, Aleta and Brooke, Salt Lake City, boy.

THOMAS, Jerry and Valerie, West Valley City, girl.

University Hospital-

HACKWORTH, Rod and Karen, girl.

KENER, Chad and Marinda, boy.

LELEVAGA, Jerry and Setaemata, girl.

PRICE, Ron and Camille, girl.