There is a 50-50 chance that Houston Rockets All-Star Akeem Olajuwon will require eye surgery and a doctor says that with or without the surgery he will be out of action two months instead of the earlier prediction of one month.

Dr. Robert B. Wilkins, a top eye-injury expert, on Monday told Olajuwon that possible complications from the injury could affect Olajuwon's vision if surgery is not performed.Olajuwon was injured Thursday night when he was struck in the face by the elbow of Chicago Bulls player Bill Cartwright.

Olajuwon suffered a blowout fracture of the floor and medial walls of the orbit, the bone structure that houses the eyeball, doctors say.

"There is always a potential that something like this could be career-threatening," Wilkins said. "But I'm probably more positive now than I was before I examined him."

A two-month absence from the time the injury occurred would force Olajwon to miss 26 more games.