DEAR ABBY: I have two adorable children, ages 1 and 21/2. My best friend and college roommate, "Judi," is their godmother, but because we live nearly 1,000 miles apart, Judi has never really had the chance to know my children.

My husband travels, and when he had a two-week road trip coming up, I called Judi and asked her if she would like me to bring the children to visit her. She said it would be wonderful, so I packed up the kids and we drove across two states to visit their godmother. Judi is single and lives alone. She's always loved children and arranged to take two weeks of vacation from her job while we were there.After a few days, I began to feel unwelcome. Judi seemed irritable, and the kids were restless and cranky in their unfamiliar surroundings. I considered cutting my trip short, but I didn't want to hurt Judi's feelings, so we stayed the full two weeks. I could tell that Judi was glad to see us leave, and now I'm wondering if perhaps I made a mistake in asking her to be my children's godmother. What do you think? - MAMA

DEAR MAMA: Since Judi was your best friend, your mistake was not asking her to be a godmother, it was taking your very young children to visit her for two weeks. When it became apparent that Judi was irritable, you should have risked hurting her feelings, packed up the kids and headed for home.

Next time, why not ask Judi to visit you? That way, she can leave whenever she wants to, and nobody's feelings will be hurt. Very few single, childless adults would be comfortable with two restless toddlers for such a lengthy stay.

DEAR ABBY: I cannot describe how happy you have made Thomas and me. We met through Operation Dear Abby when Thomas was on the U.S.S. Coral Sea in 1987. We wrote to each other constantly for six months before meeting in person. Well, love blossomed, and after two years of dating, we were married last October at the home of my parents in Lacombe, La. (I wore a traditional white satin and lace wedding gown and veil, and he wore his Navy uniform.)

We can't thank you enough, Abby. This never would have happened if it weren't for you. - ELIZABETH AND THOMAS SIMMONS

P.S. I just found out that we will be having our first baby next August. I am enclosing our wedding picture. Although we look like teenagers, Tom is 23 and I'm 21.

DEAR ABBY: I think you need to update your list of "isms." New capitalism: You buy a whole herd of cows on a bank card. Then milk the cows dry, sell part of the milk to buy into a junk bond business, and use the rest of the milk to whitewash the whole deal when it turns sour. - ROBERT JOINER

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