TV viewers associate Ed O'Neill with the words funny, Bundy and Sunday. So how will they feel about serious, O'Meara and Monday?

O'Neill, boorish Al Bundy on Fox's "Married . . . with Children," plays it straight in the TV movie "The Whereabouts of Jenny," which airs Jan. 14.The script was written with Tony Danza in mind, but the "Who's the Boss?" star wanted O'Neill, according to the Jan. 12 issue of TV Guide.

"The Whereabouts of Jenny" is the story of an easygoing bar owner, Jimmy O'Meara, whose former wife disappears with their daughter.

"With me, the role would be right on the nose, a little too predictable, you know? With Ed in it, I think it's a little off the edge, more interesting," Danza said.