Pete Rose left a federal prison camp this morning with little fanfare after serving five months for income-tax cheating.

The former Cincinnati Reds manager and baseball's all-time hits leader said freedom felt "great," but he declined to speak with reporters as he was driven away from the prison administration building at 9:30 a.m. EST.Rose was taken to a place on the prison grounds where he was met by his wife in another car. Warden John Clark said the couple then headed for Cincinnati, about five hours away.

Rose was scheduled to arrive at a Cincinnati halfway house this afternoon to begin serving the second part of his sentence for tax evasion.

He will do 1,000 hours of community service teaching physical education at inner city elementary schools.

"He tells us he is eager to return to the community and work with youngsters in Cincinnati," said John L. Clark, warden of the minimum security facility where Rose was imprisoned.

The warden declined to comment on any specific activities that Rose was involved in during his stay, except to say that his term was "unremarkable."

"While he was with us, Mr. Rose worked hard every day at a manual labor job," Clark said.

"He neither asked for nor was granted any special privilege or condition and was cooperative with our staff," Clark said.