A Bountiful man pleaded not guilty Tuesday in 2nd District court to 36 felony charges stemming from what investigators say was a scheme to roll back odometer readings on used cars, inflating their value.

Barry K. Burnham, 390 E. 17th South, is scheduled for trial Sept. 15 on 12 charges of forgery, 12 counts of theft by deception, and 12 counts of making a false odometer statement.Each charge is a third-degree felony, carrying a prison term of zero to 5 years and fine of up to $5,000.

Burnham's defense attorney, Steve McCaughey, told Judge Rodney S. Page that the case may not be tried and he has opened plea negotiations with the Davis County Attorney's Office.

The incidents, according to court documents, occurred between April and September 1987 while Burnham was working as a salesman at Bountiful Motors.

According to investigators, Burnham is accused of buying 12 used cars from auto leasing companies, rolling the odometer readings back, altering the title and registration information to confirm the altered numbers and selling the vehicles to other dealers.