Plans for a ski resort on Maple Mountain east of Provo were derailed Monday morning by the Uinta National Forest.

Forest Service officials rejected financial information submitted by Seven Peaks owner Victor Borcherds on Dec. 28."The financial proposal provided by Seven Peaks did not satisfy the evidence of financing in place," said Brent McBeth, Forest Service chief of recreation and lands. "The Seven Peaks application process is closed."

McBeth said Seven Peaks submitted a proposal for bonding to back the resort.

"It did not secure that the permittee (Seven Peaks) would complete the project," McBeth said. "We did not get the bonds. We only got the proposals."

"We think what we submitted was adequate," Borcherds said. "We'll redo it and give it back to them in a few days."

Sam Rushforth, spokesman for the Rock Canyon Preservation Alliance, said they expected Seven Peaks' proposal to be rejected.

McBeth said Seven Peaks will have to do a new environmental impact statement.