As the new year gets under way, Mayor Joe Jenkins has plans for what he says will make Provo tick in the year ahead.

He has also taken some time to look back at successes of 1990.In looking over the long list of goals Jenkins set last year for 1990, he said he is very satisfied with the results.

"We've done really well. Some goals we'll carry over into the new year. Many goals have been accomplished or we are in the process of doing it," Jenkins said.

Cleaner air

Converting part of Provo's fleet to natural gas was an accomplishment of 1990 that carries over as a goal for 1991. The conversion reduces carbon monoxide emissions, and reducing the amount of carbon monoxide in the air is a major goal for the new year, Jenkins said.

Provo's air quality does not meet standards outlined by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency and the city is doing something about it. Besides continuing to convert cars in its own fleet to clean-burning natural gas, the city is encouraging other fleets in Provo to follow its lead and convert their cars to natural gas.

The Cove Fort Geothermal Plant is considered a great success of 1990. Jenkins said the plant is generating a significant portion of Provo's daily power needs and is doing it without polluting the environment. The steam-produced power is a clean source of energy.

"Another exciting thing in the year ahead," said Jenkins, is the city is moving"full speed ahead" on developing bicycle paths.

A carry-over from last year's goals, the recreational bike path from Utah Lake to Provo Canyon is scheduled to be complete this year. In addition, the city is planning bike lanes for commuters. Bike routes to Brigham Young University are a priority.

Jenkins said one reason for the commuter bicycle lanes is to improve air quality - one more step Provo is making toward cleaning the air.

Another step toward cleaner air is identifying the vehicles responsible for the most carbon monoxide emissions. Air-quality studies in other cities have shown that 10 percent of the cars are responsible for 50 percent of the carbon monoxide from automobiles. In 1991 Jenkins will bring equipment developed by a Denver chemist to Provo to identify the big polluters.

Conserving resources

Conserving resources is on the agenda for the new year. Jenkins' goals include finding ways for Provo to save water and power. The past year saw the addition of a conservation specialist to the city staff. The specialist is expected to oversee the new conservation measures.

Park, cemetery

A new park is on the drawing board for 1991. The park will be developed in a debris area near the Provo Temple. Jenkins said the park provides a great opportunity for the city to make good use of land that is not suitable for housing.

Provo is also looking for a cemetery location. The Provo City Cemetery is no longer adequate for the city's needs. Three or four possible sites will be considered, Jenkins said.

Economic expansion

Provo's successes for 1990 include expansion in the local economy. Nu Skin is building in two Provo locations, downtown and East Bay. Other expansion has occurred in the retail market.

Courts building

The new courts building is listed as one of Provo's success stories for 1990. City Attorney Gary Gregerson said a new courts building has been needed for a long time but the state said there was no money for the building.

Under the direction of Jenkins, the city formed the Provo Municipal Building Authority - with the Provo City Council acting as the Board of Trustees - and Provo got a new courts building. The state leases space from Provo.