It takes a lot of people to put out a successful newspaper, and producing the Church News is no different. When Deseret News subscribers receive the Church News in their Saturday morning paper, it is the result of the dedicated efforts of many people.

Beginning with the reporter who gathers the news and ending with the carriers who are responsible for getting the paper to the subscriber, a lot of people are involved each week.But outside the efforts of bylined editors, reporters, photographers and artists, much of what it takes to produce a paper is largely unnoticed and unheralded.

So this column is dedicated to all those people who, week in and week out, help produce the Church News, which we feel is a quality addition to a fine metropolitan daily newspaper.

Let me tip my hat and give a pat on the back to several people who work in what we call "the backshop" - employees of the Newspaper Agency Corp. who don't get a lot of credit, but who play a very important role in producing the weekly Church News. They are unsung heroes of our business.

First there is Cass Child, compositor par excellence. For about 25 years - dating back to the "hot metal days" when type was set on a linotype, - he was responsible for "composing," or putting together, the type for the pages of the Church News. To find a better craftsman or a person more dedicated to his trade would be almost impossible. He's now the foreman of the composing room. Assisting him as assistant foreman is Guenther Popp. Together they supervise the work in the composing room.

Warren Haddaway and Reva Gates now "compose" the pages of the Church News. They no longer work with hot metal type, but with computer-produced pages. Their willingness and dedicated efforts each week are greatly appreciated. They put the "final touches" on the pages.

After Child was made composing room foreman, Shirl Lake took over the task of putting together the pages of the Church News, along with Jerry Jensen. Lake is now manager of the "white room" and Jensen works with him. Also working in the White Room are Earl Parker, Cloyd Thompson and Dan Warden. The White Room is a room with extremely impressive-looking pieces of equipment where art work is scanned digitally into the system, and which is filled with banks of computerized pagesetters.

After the compositors finish their work on the computer-produced pages, they are sent to huge cameras, where Jack Williamson and Doug Wretberg make negatives of them. From the negatives, plates are then made to be used on the presses. Buzz Colby does special camera work.

Another very important department in the system is the color center, which according to its English-born supervisor is really the "colour centre." Here supervisor Roger Greenwood and his assistant, John Mitchell, are responsible for all the color - or colour - used in the Church News. They have a formidable task because color is used on half of the Church News pages each week. It would be difficult to overstate their vital role.

To all these "backshop" people who help make the Church News the quality product it is, may I say "Thank you. Your work is certainly recognized and appreciated." To those I may have neglected to mention, I offer my apologies.

And to all the readers of the Church News, when you pick up the paper and read it, think for a moment there are a lot of people who are doing their best to bring you a very fine publication.