A consortium of education groups is asking lawmakers to increase the state's public education funding by $100 million.

The Utah Public Education Coalition made the request in its legislative requests for funding the upcoming 1991-92 school year."We believe our recommendations are in the best interest of Utah's 450,000 students," said state PTA President Pat Hales, the coalition's chairwoman.

The group is asking for an additional $25.1 million in state funding to cover growth - the school costs for more than 6,500 additional students expected to enroll in Utah's schools next fall.

Hales said the group is asking the Legislature to approve an $11.3 million appropriation to cover costs of many of these additional children's schooling for the current year.

Although the state projected an enrollment increase for the current 1990-91 school year, the estimate was about 3,000 students short of actual enrollment this year.

Gov. Norm Bangerter's proposed budget calls for spending $1.3 billion in state and federal monies on public education this year, including a 5 percent raise for teachers.