Vice President Gennady I. Yanayev indicated Monday that Foreign Minister Eduard A. Shevardnadze, who announced his resignation Dec. 20, might remain in his job.

Shevardnadze's aides have quoted the foreign minister as saying his decision was "irreversible," but the vice president appeared to give a different reading of the situation in an interview with The Associated Press."In politics and personnel issues, prognoses of things are dangerous," Yanayev said. "I never said anywhere there would be a new foreign minister. Why do you exclude (the possibility) that Shevardnadze might remain?"

Yanayev heads a committee working on the structure of a new Cabinet, part of a reorganized executive branch of government recently approved by the national parliament.

Pressed to say whether Shevardnadze's resignation might be reversible, Yanayev said: "Nothing is eternal under the moon."

However, Georgy Shakhnazarov, one of President Mikhail S. Gorbachev's aides, said he thought it unlikely Shevardnadze would remain foreign minister.

Shakhnazarov and Yanayev spoke in separate interviews during a break in a conference of Soviet and American legislators and other political figures in Moscow.

Shakhnazarov said the structures and powers of the revamped Cabinet would have to be approved by the Supreme Soviet legislature before candidates for the new ministries are put forward.