The Lamanite Generation, Brigham Young University's premier ethnic music and dance company, will perform a showcase of Native American, Latin American and Polynesian dances Wednesday and Thursday, Jan. 9 and 10.

Performances will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the de Jong Concert Hall of the Harris Fine Arts Center on the Provo campus. Tickets, at $5 with BYU I.D. and $6 for the general public, are available at the BYU music ticket office, 378-7444.The concert is titled "Living Legends," said Janielle Christensen, company director, and dances will range from ancient deer dances to contemporary Native American choreography.

Also on the program are "Polca Guarani" from New Zealand, "Carnaval de Canas" from Peru and the Tongan "Soke;" also "Moorea," a Mexican dance, and the Native American "Jingle Dance." For the greatest possible authenticity, the Lamanite Generation has commissioned most of the "Living Legends" costumes from within the cultures portrayed.

This summer, for the third time in three years, the Lamanite Generation will tour Eastern Europe - an unusual repetition even for the globe-trotting BYU performing groups.