With a sudden holiday surge, "Home Alone," a comedy featuring a child as domestic terrorist, jumped to third place among the top movies of 1990, with revenues of $152.1 million overall.

"Home Alone" made $25.1 million over the five-day New Year's Day weekend to claim first place for the seventh straight weekend. The last film to be No. 1 for seven weeks was the original "Ghostbusters" in summer 1984."The Godfather Part III" came in second the last week of the year with $19.6 million, and "Kindergarten Cop" was third on revenues of $16.3 million. "Dances With Wolves" made $11.9 million for fourth.

Ten percent fewer Americans went to the movies in 1990, but higher ticket prices pushed the industry's box-office take to a near-record $5 billion. The total amount spent by moviegoers flocking to such hits as "Home Alone" and 1990's top moneymaker, "Ghost," was just shy of the 1989 record of $5.03 billion, the Motion Picture Association of America says. (See the "Hicks on Flicks" column on E7 for more about the year's biggest hits.)

Here are last week's top movie ticket sales, as tallied by Exhibitor Relations Co. Inc.:

1. "HOME ALONE," $25.1 million ($152.1 million, seven weeks).

2. "The Godfather Part III," $19.6 million ($33.6 million, two weeks).

3. "Kindergarten Cop," $16.3 million ($32.5 million, two weeks).

4. "Dances With Wolves," $11.9 million ($61.6 million, eight weeks).

5. "Edward Scissorhands," $9.3 million ($27.3 million, four weeks).

6. "Look Who's Talking Too," $8.7 million ($28 million, three weeks).

7. "Three Men and a Little Lady," $7.2 million ($54 million, six weeks).

8. "Mermaids," $6.2 million ($16.4 million, three weeks).

9. "Misery," $6.1 million ($39.9 million, five weeks).

10. "The Russia House," $5.5 million ($11.6 million, two weeks).