Lots of things are endangered in Utah.

First, there's the bald eagle, which nests here. Then there are the peregrine falcon, the woundfin minnow, humpback chub and Colorado squawfish, and others.In plants, the bearclaw poppy also is considered endangered.

Add to that list the Brooks Arcade on Block 57, according to the Utah Historical Society.

The historic building, in danger of being torn down and replaced by a hotel, is high on the foundation's "Top Ten List of Endangered Utah Properties."

The list, compiled by the foundation's Issues Committee, is updated quarterly as historic buildings and sites statewide are threatened by modernization.

Salvaging Utah's history is a task committee volunteers take seriously. They travel statewide - not only to help save historic sites, but to assist in their restoration.

The foundation's Revolving Fund provides low-interest loans to people who restore historic facades.

"We've loaned out a ton of money. We get it back and loan again," said James W. McPherson III, committee chairman. "We consider this very important. These are our cultural historic assets that are being threatened."

The current top 10 list of endangered properties released Friday includes:

1. Brigham Young Academy, Provo: To do basic renovation would cost $800,000.

2. Block 57 Buildings:

- Brooks Arcade - A potential fight is brewing between the Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency and the Heritage Foundation. The city wants to raze the building and replace it with a hotel that would offer views of the Wasatch Mountains.

"The view would be good for another five months, but when the Broadway Center goes up, there go the views," McPherson said.

- Utah Savings and Trust - Two proposals have been submitted to renovate the building. Developers have until Jan. 31 to submit proposals to the Redevelopment Agency.

- Clayton Building - The building was damaged by fire several months ago. The city is examining whether the structure is sound.

3. Downtown Ogden - McPherson said good progress is being made in the Egyptian Theatre and on 25th Street, a street of historic structures and shops.

4. West One Bank Building, 200 S. Main, Salt Lake City - Bank is considering it's options, one of which is to tear the building down. Officials have agreed to meet with the Heritage Foundation.

5. Earthquake preparedness of historic structures statewide - The Heritage Foundations wants owners to look at ways to bring buildings up to standards, rather than tear them down. The foundation's special concern is Salt Lake City schools.

6. Forest Dale Clubhouse, Sugarhouse - Discussions concerning its restoration are underway between the Heritage Foundation and Salt Lake City Parks & Recreation.

7. Irving School, Sugarhouse - Although the building was recently gutted by fire, the Heritage Foundation believes "there is still the potential for restoration."

8. Uintah LDS Tabernacle, Vernal - Foundation is discussing possible renovation methods with city and church officials.

9. North Temple Interchange Proposal, Salt Lake City - Heritage Foundation opposes it. "We believe the damage done to the North Temple street scape, Temple Square and the Capitol Hills Avenue's historic districts would be unfortunate," McPherson said.

10. Wilson Farmstead, Sandy - A local architect is conducting a study to see if remaining buildings on the pioneer farm of William Walker Wilson can be perserved.