A radical right-wing group whose leader declared war on the government seven months ago said Saturday it has renounced violence and wants negotiations on setting up a white homeland.

But the Order of the Boers also demanded immediate release of its imprisoned leaders and guarantees that its members will not be prosecuted for any crimes.The group said that as proof of its good intentions, it would urge members to return weapons stolen during a robbery last year at an air force base. The group's leader, Piet Rudolph, eluded authorities for five months after the theft. He was arrested Sept. 7.

The decision to end violence was made during a meeting between the Order's central committee and organization leaders, including Rudolph, a statement said. It said South African police organized the meeting Thursday, and SAPA quoted a police spokesman as saying he was "very pleased" with its outcome.

There was no reaction from the government, but it is doubtful it would agree to free such right-wing radicals as Rudolph.