An Ohio State University student who turned in a false rape report has been ordered to pay campus police $15,569 for the cost of investigating the case.

Franklin County Municipal Judge Deborah Pryce ordered Michele Ann Yentes to make restitution to the police as part of her sentence for filing the false report in 1989.Pryce also gave Yentes a suspended 90-day jail sentence and ordered her to perform 200 hours of community service, obtain counseling and pay a $300 fine and court fees.

Yentes had been ordered earlier to write a letter of apology to the campus community. It appeared in the Ohio State Lantern school newspaper in November.

"I thought it was a good signal to send to the community that when you cause this kind of turmoil and (trouble) for the Police Department, it does cost somebody something," Pryce said. "And it might as well be the person who caused the turmoil."

Yentes reported she was raped at knifepoint by a black man about midnight Oct. 24, 1989, outside university's main library.

In response, students and faculty and staff members staged marches to protest crime in the campus area. When Yentes later recanted her story, students held marches protesting blacks being accused wrongly of committing campus crimes.

Police said they spent "thousands of hours" investigating the report.

Yentes works as a waitress and will start out paying police $100 a month.