A Palestinian boy was killed and 20 people were wounded in clashes Saturday between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers in the Israeli occupied territories.

Wailil al Shobaki, 12, from the West Bank Phara'a refugee camp was shot and killed during clashes between Israeli soldiers and camp residents, Palestinian sources said.Palestinians in the Gaza Strip's Jabalia camp clashed with Israeli soldiers during the funeral of an Arab bus driver who was shot and killed Friday after he slammed into Israeli cars north of the Gaza Strip, killing an Israeli woman.

Jabalia residents threw stones and empty bottles at a military reinforcement located in the middle of the camp and military patrols, Palestinian sources said.

During the clashes Israeli soldiers fired live bullets, wounding 20 Palestinians, the sources said. Israeli military sources said after the riots that eight camp residents were being hopitalized.

Israeli police are still investigating whether the 30-year-old bus driver, identified as Mohammed al Kantanari, intentionally hit the cars for political reasons or accidental. Conflicting reports by police and witnesses failed to provide a clear picture whether Al-Kantanari was killed by Israeli reserve soldiers or a pursuing Israeli driver.

Friday at least two Palestinians were shot and wounded when Jabalia camp residents clashed with Israeli soldiers after they discovered the bus driver lived in the camp.

Four Palestinians from the Jabalia camp were killed in a December 1987 car accident involving an Israeli driver. The deaths sparked massive rioting in the Gaza Strip and afterwards the West Bank.