A pathologist who helped perform the autopsy on Elvis Presley says the king of rock 'n' roll died of drugs and not heart disease.

Dr. Eric Muirhead said although Presely did have some problems with his heart, it was a deadly mix of drugs that killed him."I don't deny that the man had some coronary artery disease and an enlarged heart," Muirhead said Friday. "But he didn't even have enough to have a bypass."

Muirhead has remained largely silent on the subject in the 13 years since Presley died, though he has been described in the past as privately disagreeing with the finding that Presley died of heart disease.

In an interview in Saturday's editions of The Commercial Appeal, he said he decided to speak publicly about his opinion following the recent release of the book, "The Death of Elvis, What Really Happened," in which Muirhead says he was quoted anonymously.

He said media accounts that the drugs in Presley's body were sedatives and traquilizers are true.

Shelby County medical examiner Dr. Jerry Francisco, who was in charge of the autopsy, ruled that a heart attack killed Presley and said that Muirhead agreed at the time.