Born in March 1981, Scott, 9, really enjoys life. Since coming to foster care 1 1/2 years ago, he has made tremendous strides and loves new experiences and the chance to learn. His eyes sparkle and he seems eager to take in all of life.

His birth mother is developmentally disabled and could not provide the care and protection he needed. As a result of extreme environmental deprivation, Scott was originally diagnosed with mental retardation. He is obviously capable of much more than was originally thought. He is learning quickly and is beginning to be mainstreamed in classes. He is easily distracted, so he does best with one-to-one attention.Scott loves music, and his social worker believes he may have a gift that could be nurtured into a real talent. Milles Bornes is his favorite card game and he likes to listen to stories and music on tapes. He does very well with animals; cats are his favorite. He enjoys horseback riding and swimming. His real talent at the moment involves his bike. Although he is not particularly well-coordinated, he has learned to ride a two-wheeler and likes doing tricks.

Scott has completed a therapy program for visual-motor delays. Counseling will need to continue and may be needed intermittently for the rest of his life to help him learn to protect himself from future abuse. His foster mother is teaching him to trust adults to do the parenting, but he still sometimes feels he has to remind adults what he needs.

Due to frequent bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia, which doctors believe he will outgrow, Scott needs a non-smoking family. A two-parent family or single mother, with or without other children, will be considered. He would like to continue to be involved in the activities of a Protestant church community. Financial assistance may be available.