Freshman Sen. Paul Wellstone will begin another of his fast-forward commercials this week, this time to thank Minnesotans and invite people to his inauguration celebration in Minneapolis.

The ad is a takeoff on his first popular 1990 campaign commercial, the frenetic, comical "Fast-Paced Paul." In that ad, which first aired last summer, the Democrat said he didn't have much money so he had to talk fast. Then he rushed around the state, introduced his family, pointed to his home and ticked off his stands on issues as he ran past appropriate backdrops.In "Fast-Paced Thanks," Wellstone says, "I'd like to thank everyone in Minnesota who supported me, so I'm gonna have to work fast!"

Then he races around the state, again in fast-forward, greeting people, shaking and slapping hands with store owners, members of a large farm family, auto workers, nurses and doctors and others.

The "thank you" ad won't exactly be flooding the airwaves when it runs Wednesday and Thursday nights. Wellstone already has a campaign debt of about $50,000, and this ad will set him back another $6,000.