Relatives of some of the 115 people killed on a South Korean airliner blown up above Burma in 1987 have sued the producer of a film about the bombing, court officials said Saturday.

"We deserve part of the huge profit they made from the film," Park So-jin, a spokesman for the families, said in a statement accompanying the $4.3 million lawsuit filed Friday against Shin Myung-gil, producer of "Virgin Terrorist."Park said the filmmaker broke a promise that he would spend part of any profits from the film on erecting a memorial tower and helping children of the victims.

Shin and the film's South Korean director, Shin Sang-Ok, could not be reached for comment.

The film opened in South Korea in June and attracted about 200,000 viewers in Seoul alone. It reportedly has been distributed to Japan, the United States, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

A statement of the film's financial success wasn't available.

Many bereaved family members who saw the movie complained about its graphic depiction of the bombing. The film shows mutilated bodies falling from the burning plane.

The film focuses on the life of the young North Korean agent who bombed the South Korean airliner over Burma's Andaman sea on Nov. 29, 1987.

The terrorist, Kim Hyun-hui, 28, was pardoned after confessing that she was ordered to blow up the plane to scare away foreign athletes from the 1988 Olympics in Seoul.

Communist North Korea has disavowed any connection to the bombing.