A Florida man died Saturday after falling through ice on a Central Park lake as he tried unsuccessfully to rescue a dog, police said.

Robert Padden died at a hospital several hours after the rescue attempt, said Sgt. Grace Ridley, a police spokeswoman.The fox terrier, which belonged to another man, ran onto the lake to chase ducks and the ice broke around it. The pet went under.

Padden, 42, a bystander from Flagler Beach, ventured onto the ice and became partially submerged, Ridley said.

The dog's owner, David Taback, said about 20 joggers stopped to form a human chain to reach Padden to no avail. He was finally pulled from the lake by emergency workers, two of whom were treated for hypothermia.

Padden died at Roosevelt Hospital of cardiac arrest and hypothermia, said Sgt. Mary Wrensen, a police spokeswoman.

Taback earlier started after the dog but turned back when the ice began to break, she said. Taback and two park police officers also were treated for hypothermia.