A new ordinance adopted by the Provo City Council Tuesday night will give the city more manpower to remove unlawful signs throughout Provo.

The Community Development Department, as well as the Police Department and the Department of Public Works, will be authorized to remove signs that are posted illegally.This includes signs posted on the right of way, which is public property, and on utility poles.

The ordinance says those responsible for posting signs in unlawful places will be liable to pay the costs of removing the sign.

The main reason, however, for passing the ordinance is to give another city office the authority to tear down signs that are posted improperly, according to Councilwoman Barbara Smith.

In other business, an ordinance making it unlawful to leave garbage containers on the street for more than 12 hours after the garbage has been collected was killed after officials said they feared it would not be enforceable. Several officials were also concerned that the 12-hour time limit was not reasonable.